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Thundercats Dressing Room

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Name:Thundercats Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A dressing room style Thundercats role playing game
This is a dressing room style role playing game based on the Thundercats franchise and its characters.

Basic rules:

1. Play by the Code of Thundera: truth, justice, honor, and loyalty, even if your character may be a villain.

2. Keep content and characters related to Thundercats. If you have a great Thundercats-inspired original character or alternate universe version of a Thundercats character, that's cool.

3. Our community should be viewed with discretion for content including sci-fi/fantasy violence, evil ever-living warlords, absent parents, love triangles, sorcery, and language. If any content seems at the extreme of the rating, put in a cut with warning text.

Link to Mod feedback and contact post.

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